Mudcloth Face Mask: Indigo

Mudcloth Face Mask: Indigo

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Stay safe and stylish, with our new collection of protective face masks! 

Material: This mask is made from two layers of fabric. Top layer is genuine Mudcloth from Mali. Lining is 100% cotton. 

Protection: There’s a small opening at the side to insert a filter. Simply roll up the filter, slide in, and pop open. All masks pass the flame test, meaning you will not be able to blow out a flame while wearing the mask.

Sizing: Select between Kids, Medium and Large sizes from the drop down menu. Model is wearing a medium. Medium will fit most women, and large will fit most men, but of course this will vary from person to person. Kids size can fit ages 6-14 generally, but kids in the younger range (6,7,8, etc) might need to have the elastic tightens by tying a ribbon through the elastic, and into a bow in the back.

Turnaround: This style is on pre-order and will not ship until June 1st to 3rd.

Care: Care for your mask by hand-washing and hang-drying between uses. 

Disclaimer: Please note that these masks are not medical grade.